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Day trip around Lyngenfjord in Norway

A trip around Lyngenfjord is a great choice for a full day road trip from Guesthouse Haltinmaa. The region is filled with marvelous scenery, quaint little villages and intriguing cultural points of interest. You'll need a car or you can book a guided tour from one of Kilpisjärvi's activity providers.


Drive first to the village of Skibotn which is just 50 km (31 miles) from Kilpisjärvi. Make sure to spend some time here - or make a separate day trip -  to enjoy the sights before continuing further north to the village of Manndalen. 

Nice cottages built on a quay offer you a cozy night if you wish to stop by for some fishing in the fjord. 

For the culture lover a visit to the Center of northern peoples is a must. If you are interested in Norway's history during WWII, visit the local churchyard where you will find the gravesite of Jan Baalsrud, a national war hero and source of literature and films.


Keep on driving around Kåfjord, which is an arm of Lyngenfjord, to the village of Olderdalen. There you will board a ferry which takes you and your car across Lyngenfjord to the village of Lyngseidet. The half hour ferry ride gives you a great opportunity to capture the surrounding panoramic views.

Aurora Spirit

When you arrive in Lyngseidet turn north after the exit from the pier and drive about 10 minutes. You will arrive at Aurora Spirit, the world’s northernmost whisky distillery. It is located on the shore of the fjord and offers fantastic views at any time of the year.  

You can get acquainted with the distillery during a guided tour and enjoy lunch and the distillery’s own products in the panoramic restaurant. Advance reservations are required.

Steindalsbreen glacier

From Lyngseidet continue south along the western side of Lyngenfjord. There are small villages on the way where you might want to stop to catch a glimpse of local life.  

Along this road you will also find one of the region’s most popular hiking trails which leads to Steindalsbreen, a glacier in Lyngen Alps.

If you plan to hike up to Steindalsbreen glacier you need a full day, because the hike is 14 km (8½ miles) long. You can hike up independently to the edge of the glacier on a partially marked trail. Venturing on to the glacier can only be done in the company of an experienced Norwegian mountain guide.  

Visit Lyngenfjord

Stop by at the tourist info of Visit Lyngenfjord in either Skibotn or in Lyngseidet for more information. Check out their website for a hiking guide which presents this and several other interesting nature trails in the beautiful landscapes around Lyngenfjord.