Guesthouse Haltinmaa (Haltinmaa LP)
Corporate ID: FI18590862

Address: Naalikuja 1, FI-99490 Kilpisjärvi
Telephone +358 (0)40 661 5256

General information on Guesthouse Haltinmaa booking, payment, cancellation and delivery terms

  • These terms and conditions apply when a customer makes a booking for accommodations at Guesthouse Haltinmaa.

  • These terms and conditions are applicable to all methods of bookings (Guesthouse Haltinmaa's online shop, reservation portals and Expedia, personal visit, telephone call, e-mail message).

  • The booking indicates the customer’s acceptance to comply with these terms as well as with the instructions and house rules of Guesthouse Haltinmaa.

  • The personal information a customer submits for the purpose of the booking is handled confidentially and according to the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation. 

  • The terms and conditions which apply to the customer’s booking are the ones which are in effect on the date the booking is made. 

  • Guesthouse Haltinmaa reserves the right to apply specific terms for booking, payment and cancellation to group bookings which are dependent on the group size, the scope of the services provided by Guesthouse Haltinmaa and the time period of the booking. 

How to make a booking at Guesthouse Haltinmaa

  • Individual customers can book accommodations and supplementary optional services in Guesthouse Haltinmaa's online shop.

  • Persons over 18 years of age can make a booking at Guesthouse Haltinmaa. Minors and children are welcome to stay at Guesthouse Haltinmaa in the company of a parent or guardian. 

  • For group bookings please contact Guesthouse Haltinmaa by e-mail at

Prices of accommodations 

  • Prices include Value Added Tax.

  • Prices do not include breakfast, bed and bath linen or departure day cleaning. These services can be purchased at an additional cost according to the current price list.

  • Guesthouse Haltinmaa may from time to time and without advance notice offer accommodations at reduced rates. If the customer books accommodations at a reduced rate, the full value of the booking is due to be paid immediately. This prepayment is not refunded if the customer should decide to cancel the booking.

Check-in and check-out times

The accommodations unit is at the customer’s disposal latest at 16h00 (4 PM) on arrival day until 12h00 (12 noon) on

Payment policy - confirmed booking in Guesthouse Haltinmaa's online shop

  • A prepayment equalling 100% of the value of the booking confirms the reservation.

  • This payment is made during the booking process of the online reservation. The payment can be made by debit or credit card transaction through Visma Pay.  

  • A booking and payment confirmation along with a receipt is generated by the online shop and sent to the customer's e-mail address.

Payment policy - open order in Guesthouse Haltinmaa's online shop

  • The customer can choose to make a preliminary booking at the online shop check-out. The preliminary booking is valid until further notice until it is paid in full. 

  • The payment must be received no later than 28 days prior to arrival date. If the payment is delayed, the booking is automatically cancelled.

  • Kindly note that Guesthouse Haltinmaa withholds the right to cancel a preliminary booking at any time until it is fully paid.

Payment by invoice - only for registered companies in Finland

  • Group bookings made by a company or tour operator, which is registered in Finland and has an approved credit rating, can be invoiced and payments should be made by bank wire transfer.

  • Overdue payments will result in an automatic cancellation of the booking.

Cancellation policy

  • Once the booking is paid and confirmed, it is subject to cancellation charges.

  • Cancellations must be made in writing. A cancellation is considered valid from the day the written notice is received by Guesthouse Haltinmaa.

  • If a booking is cancelled at least 22 days prior to the scheduled arrival date, no cancellation fees are applied.

  • A cancellation between 21 - 00 days before arrival date is not refunded, i.e. the full value of the booking is charged.

  • During the Ice Fishing Week in May a cancellation between 60 - 00 days before arrival date is not refunded, i.e. the full value of the booking is charged.

  • Guesthouse Haltinmaa cannot make any exceptions to these cancellation terms even if the cancellation is the result of an illness or other personal reason. No refunds are made in the case of delayed arrivals and earlier than scheduled departures. Customers are therefore urged to ensure that their personal travel insurance covers such cancellation charges.

Guesthouse Haltinmaa's right to cancel a booking

  • In the case of an insurmountable obstacle, a force majeure or an event beyond control Guesthouse Haltinmaa can cancel a customer’s booking. In this case the customer's prepayment is reimbursed. The responsibility of Guesthouse Haltinmaa in such cancellations is limited to the price of the accommodations and prebooked optional services.

  • For compelling reasons Guesthouse Haltinmaa can transfer the customer's reservation to another property provided it is of equal or superior standard. 

  • Guesthouse Haltinmaa has the right to cancel any booking, without advance notice, if it is not fully paid.

Customer's liability for damages

  • The customer is liable for damages caused by intent or by negligence in the accommodations unit as well as in the public areas of Guesthouse Haltinmaa.

  • Such damages are e.g. smoking indoors, accommodating a pet, damage caused to the rental unit, its furniture and equipment, loss of items in the accommodations unit, leaving the accommodations unit in an unacceptable state, negligence of cleanliness instructions and departure day cleaning.

  • The customer accepts that Guesthouse Haltinmaa is not responsible for luggage and personal items in the accommodations unit.

  • The customer is responsible for his / her party's orderly and good conduct in the accommodations unit and in public areas and for their observance of the quiet hours in respect of other guests’ privacy and personal comfort and to avoid financial liability for other guests' potential reclamations.

  • Guesthouse Haltinmaa is entitled to require a security deposit in the amount of € 500 upon check-in.

Applicable legislation

  • Any dispute between the customer and Guesthouse Haltinmaa, if not solved by negotiation, will be settled solely according to Finnish legislation in the District Court of Lapland (Lapin Käräjäoikeus in Finnish).

These terms and conditions have been updated on March 1, 2024.