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Day trip to the village of Skibotn in Norway

Day trip to the village of Skibotn in Norway

A popular day trip from Kilpisjärvi takes you to Skibotn in Norway

When you stay in Guesthouse Haltinmaa on your Arctic Lapland holiday, you can easily make a day trip to visit the little village of Skibotn which is located on the shore of Lyngenfjord in the Arctic Ocean.

Drive to Skibotn or book a guided tour with one of the activity providers in Kilpisjärvi.

Rovijokk waterfall and Lulledalen nature trail

Your first stop on the way to the Arctic Ocean and to the village of Skibotn should be the beautiful Rovijokk waterfall. It is located  35 km (22 miles) from Guesthouse Haltinmaa. The waterfall is nicknamed “bridal veil” - you will find out why at the sight of it.   

The next recommended stop is Lulledalen forest path. The path is fairly easy to walk and you will find a campfire site along the way. There are information signs explaining the rich flora and fauna of the valley. If you are traveling in June or July, keep an eye out for orchids which the valley is famous for. There are 16 species of orchids, among them the beautiful Lady’s slipper.

Skibotn swing

Just about the most photographed spot in Skibotn is the swing located on the shore of Lyngenfjord. When you approach Skibotn, turn left towards Tromso and drive 3,5 km (a little over 2.5 miles) to Nalluvuopio parking area. This is a perfect place also for a dive into Skibotn history and Kven culture as there are several informational signs posted by the swing and the nearby Saltiranka beach. Not to be missed!

The village of Skibotn on the Norwegian coast

Skibotn is known as the sunniest village in Norway. There is one grocery store called Joker in the village. Stop by and buy Norwegian delicacies, such as ice cream, chocolate, brown goat cheese and local beer Mack’s.

Historical Skibotn marketplace

In the immediate vicinity of the tourist information you can visit the site of the Skibotn marketplace which was an important trading center in the 19th century and up until World War II. Nord Troms Museum is open in summer and features two preserved market stalls which house exhibitions offering an insight into the old market life.

Lyngen Alps

The breathtakingly beautiful Lyngen Alps rise towards the sky on the opposite side of the fjord. The highest of them reaches up to 1800 meters (5905 ft.) above sea level. You can admire the mountain landscapes from the village harbor or nearby beach which you will find within a short drive to the direction of Alta.

This beach is a lovely spot for a dip in the chilly waters of the Arctic Ocean - which can be done at any time of the year as the fjord does not freeze in winter.

Visit Lyngenfjord tourist information

The tourist information office of Visit Lyngenfjord is located in a building next to Skibotn church, just a short drive from the grocery store. There you can find extensive information of sightseeing attractions, nature trails, cultural points of interest and local services.  Check out Visit Lyngenfjord website when preparing for your day trip to the area.