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Room departure day cleaning for a stay of 1 - 3 nights in Mallatupa and Ahkio

Room departure day cleaning for a stay of 1 - 3 nights in Mallatupa and Ahkio


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Please note that the departure day cleaning of the room is not included in the rental rate.

You can take care of the departure day cleaning on your own when you do it according to the instructions here. These instructions are also in the Guest Directory in your room.  If however you wish to spend the departure day in a leisurely manner, our housekeeping is happy to clean the cottage at a reasonable supplemental cost.

The cost of departure day cleaning is € 20 when you stay 1 – 3 nights.

What the departure day cleaning service includes and what procedures you need to take care of:

Even if you book the departure day cleaning service you are expected to maintain good housekeeping practice during your stay, take care of the departure day cleaning procedures outlined below and leave the room in good order. If the room is left in an unacceptable state, we will need to charge you an additional cleaning fee. The cost is € 50 - € 100 depending on the procedures our housekeeping must take care of.

You need to take care of the following cleaning procedures by 12 noon on departure day:

  • Collect all bottles and cans and place them in a plastic bag outside the front door - or take them with you to be recycled

  • If you booked our linen service, strip the beds of sheets and pillow cases and leave the bed linen in a neat pile on the bed

  • Make sure all furniture and other items are arranged back in their original positions

  • Remove all visible trash and stains from surfaces and the floor

  • Take away all the groceries and other items you brought with you

  • Take out the trash to the garbage bin outdoors

  • Wash the dishes and place them in the cupboard

Our housekeeping takes care of the rest, which entails airing the bed clothes and carpets, acuuming and mopping the floors, wiping the surfaces and cleaning the wash basins, sauna/shower and toilet.