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Tips for overnights in Norway

When you book your Arctic Lapland holiday in Guesthouse Haltinmaa in Kilpisjärvi, you can easily visit Norway. Here are a few tips for accommodations if you wish to spend the night.

Accommodations in nearby areas

Strandbu Camping is a campsite in Skibotn which is the nearest Norwegian village from Kilpisjärvi.

Hotel Lyngskroa is located 70 km (43 miles) from Kilpisjärvi on the shore of Lyngenfjord on the way to Tromso.

Manndalen Sjøbuer are quaint cottages located on the quay in the village of Manndalen, 26 km (16 miles) north from Skibotn on Highway E6.

Fosselv Camping is in the village of Stroslett, 115 km (71 miles) north of Skibotn, on E6. 

More info and suggestions on the home page of  Visit Lyngenfjord. 

Accommodations options in Tromso

There is a wealth of hostels and hotels in the city of Tromso. Here are a few of the reasonably priced options.

AMI Hotel is within walking distance of the shoreline and city center. 

Backpack Hotel is located in downtown Tromso and is favored by international budget travelers.

Viking Hotel in the heart of the city offers reasonable rates for family rooms for 3 - 4 persons 

Scandic Ishavshotell boasts a scenic location right on the shoreline. It is not modestly priced but special rates are offered from time to time.

Thon Hotel Polar is a modern choice in the city.

Tromso Lodge and Camping is within a short drive from downtown, surrounded by nature.

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