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The city of Tromso in Norway

The city of Tromso in Norway

Tromso, the Paris of the North

The city of Tromso is a lively and international travel destination. You can make a one-day road trip to Tromso with Guesthouse Haltinmaa as your base.

You will need a car or you can book a full-day guided tour from one of Kilpisjärvi's activity providers. Traveling from Kilpisjärvi to Tromso by public transportation requires an overnight in the city.

Here are a few suggestions where to go and what to see in Tromso.

Day trip to Tromso by car

From the village of Kilpisjärvi drive north across the Norwegian border and keep on going until you turn left just before the village of Skibotn. Continue along the scenic road along the coast of Lyngenfjord, passing the villages of Hatteng and Oteren.

When you reach the village of Nordskjosbotn turn right to the direction of Tromso. Approaching Tromso, which is also known as the "Paris of the North" you need to choose whether to reach the city by crossing the impressive bridge or by taking the tunnel under the sea. Downtown Tromso is situated on an island.

The Arctic Cathedral

Don't miss a visit to Arctic Cathedral which is known as Tromso’s lighthouse thanks to its stunning architectural design. The church is located near the entry to the bridge leading to downtown Tromso.

Check their website for opening hours, concerts and admission fees. 

Cable car to Storsteinen

Turn right by Arctic Cathedral and drive to Fjellheisen cable car. It takes you up to Storsteinen mountain ledge, 421 meters (1381 ft.) above sea level, to enjoy spectacular views of the town and its surroundings. Restaurant Fjellstua is a good spot for a coffee break or for a meal.  

Downtown Tromso on its own island

There is a vast network of underground tunnels constructed underneath the city in order to facilitate the traffic. The easiest way to visit the main attractions is to drive your car across the bridge right into the city center and find a parking lot as close to the shoreline as possible.  

There are museums and restaurants along a walkway by the shoreline. Outdoor serving areas are great places for people watching.

Norwegian history and culture

Visit Polar Museum to discover stories of the Arctic explorers such as Fridtjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen. Polaria is an Arctic experience center for the whole family. Both are located in the core of the city by the shoreline.

For brochures and information visit the tourist information office which is located near the bus station. Art lovers will want to spend some time in Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum, which is the city’s art museum housed in a beautiful building near the tourist info.

Botanical garden

Do not miss the world’s northernmost botanical garden, Botanisk hage, which is near the university campus. It is open year round, and there is no admission fee but donations are welcome. 

Visit Tromso tourist information

The home pages of Visit Tromso are a good source of information when you plan your day trip or overnight stay in the Paris of the North.