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Guesthouse Haltinmaa opening times

Bookings for accommodations at Guesthouse Haltinmaa

The online shop of Guesthouse Haltinmaa is always open for bookings.
Bookings can now be made until November 14, 2024.

The links below will take you directly to the online shop of our various accommodation options:

Haltinmaja Cottages (cottage for 1 - 4 persons)
Hostel Mallatupa (rooms for 1 - 2 persons)
Saanakieppi Cottage (cottage for 1 - 6 persons)
Ahkio Room (room for 1 - 2 persons)
Haltinmaa Caravan

Restaurant Lapintyttö and Pub Halti

The opening hours of Restaurant Lapintyttö and Pub Halti are posted on Guesthouse Haltinmaa Facebook.